That's me! Up there in Glenwood Canyon, right before we (my hubs, Jack, & I) drove over Vail Pass and down into the Front Range area. We were moving from sunny California all the way to sunnier Colorado in October 2015. I had lived in Cali for 14 years and he, 10. We decided we didn't want to try to afford LA anymore, dreaming of buying a house elsewhere after renting a one bedroom apartment with our one year old son. Jack took this photo and posted it on IG, commenting, "She's home." I think he was talking about more than just me being back in CO, where I feel all cozy and at home in these gorgeous mountains. I believe he meant back in Colorado AND the (hard to describe) peace and excitement he saw in me when I picked up my camera again, doing my happy thing in my happy place. Honoring the pulls I have felt to this State and this creative passion(s) of mine.

I took one more career detour before finally believing in myself enough to make my dreams of being a photographer a reality. I told my doubting self to go sit over there out of earshot, while I dive into it, fully, with giddy excitement, and a comfort in knowing I am finally being authentic to myself and no one else in this world

a tangent, and meaningful road led me back to Colorado, and the mountains, finally doing what I really love

known to be clumsy a time or twenty • nature  lover • mom to two kids and one fur child • partner of one supportive husband who believes in me a lot • learning more about myself and all the things every day • grateful

the photographer